Filtered H2O On the Go!

Every year, roughly 22 billion water bottles are thrown away. That’s an astonishing number, and as I mentioned in a recent post about plastic..the stuff (plastic), just doesn’t ever completely break down (unless it happens to be biodegradable…which the vast majority isn’t). What about recycling you ask? Roughly eighty-six percent of water bottles used in the U.S. are NOT recycled.

So we have diagnosed the problem, what are some solutions?

-stop buying plastic water bottles

-use filtered water instead

How do you do this on the go? Well with a filtered re-usable water bottle of course!

The manufacturer claims that this filtered stainless steel bottle can filter water from your nearest tap or even lakes, rivers, and streams..pretty much every type of water other than salt water. Now that’s what I call convenience!! Check it:


*And no worries, BPA free;)

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