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Flood Resistant, Fire Resistant Homes that are Healthy

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to flood resistant, fire resistant houses. My neighborhood in Austin, TX experienced a 100 year flood, last year. Though my house was spared, over 100 other homes in my neighborhood were not so lucky. Surrounding areas experienced significantly more flooded homes. So watching the costly and inconvenient […]

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Notes from “Perfect Wall” presentation by Matt Risinger & Architect Eric Rauser

AIA SummerCamp 2015: Notes from “Perfect Wall” presentation by Matt Risinger & Architect Eric RauserĀ  Fully adhered control layer on the outside 2 layers of 2″ rigid foam on exterior walls 2 layers of 3″ exterior rigid on roof 3 minis with no ducts Erv + dehu Comfort hit all in one zone Churning air […]

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Finger Jointed Studs

Finger-jointed studs used in a vertical application (eg:walls) are straighter and stronger that traditional vertical studs. They are also way more environmentally friendly, because they are made of short scrap pieces of lumber rather that one long piece..ultimately saving trees. Think about specifying them for your next construction project.

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