Tyvek Fluid Applied Weather Barrier

Helping Homeless Get On Their Feet w/ Hempcrete

Terrazzo Foundation

Terrazzo flooring dates all the way back to the Neolithic period. This method utilizes scrap material mixed with a concrete mixture to create an aggregate textured ground. Read More

The Science Behind Lighting

In the Glazing and Comfort Podcast (via the Building Science Podcast) with Matthew Tanteri and Kristoff Irwin, lighting expert Tanteri discusses the effects of lighting quality on our bodies.

As you may or may not know, lighting changes throughout the day. In layman’s terms it can be bluish sometimes and other time it can be yellowy red. Did you know though that these different lighting colors can have an effect on our bodies? Read More

BIMx Viewer for Building Professionals

Technology today is rapidly developing. Within the architectural world, we have what we call BIM. The BIMx Viewer allows builders, clients, consultants, engineers, and even tradesmen to take a step into the building that is being designed.  Read More

iPad Pro For Construction Pros

Many years ago, iPhone changed my professional world. Now iPad’s Pro version (and corresponding fine-tip pressure sensitive stylus a.k.a. Pencil) plus apps like BIM Viewer and Adobe Sketch (shown in this video) are absolutely taking it to the next level. Additional add ons available these days (such as the Canvas App) are literally unbelievable. Enjoy!

Doug Cameron is a Healthy, High-Performance Builder & Remodeler with EcoSafe Spaces Design+Build in Austin, TX

Clean Energy’s New Integral Design by Tesla

Tesla and SolarCity recently released their new conception of the Powerwall, deemed “Powerwall 2” a whole house battery that enables users to seamlessly store and dispense the sun’s abundant radient energy to both their home and vehicles, and do so day or night. More importantly and exciting is the introduction of their solar roof. Read More

Saving Water with Style

There’s a craze going around lately in the pursuit of saving water in more ways than one, whether it be scheduling when to water the garden, or washing dishes, or even taking showers. Read More

Healthy Artistry

Check out our feature in the Summer 2016 Modern Home Builder Magazine (pg 62-67). This article displays our most recent design of the Holly Home which utilizes regionally grown wood that is non-toxic and low-maintenance. At EcoSafe Spaces we strive towards being health conscious in our construction and design. Read More

10 Dead Design Trends from the 2000’s


1- Beige: Specifically the paint color “beige sand” or “builder beige” (as we called it in my production building days), but beige in general is out. White still rules, but greens and and blues are sizzling hot right now. With paint stay cool literally, and gain your warmth from intermittent pops of color like art, tile back-splashes, exterior doors, or the ever popular wood! Read More

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