Low-toxic Method to clean and polish your granite counter-tops

Recently while doing some research for a friend, I realized there is very little information available on how to maintain your granite counter-tops in a safe and practical way. This becomes especially important in the kitchen.

So while granite is still not the best selection for an antimicrobial food prep surface, due to
its naturally porous nature, even after it’s sealed (quartz, stainless steel, or even man made stones are probably better choices); it can be maintained on a daily basis without highly-toxic cleaners or polishes.

Method has a great line of products for this specific purpose, including these handy wipes (top left). Their spray version along with a micro-fiber cloth actually doubles for both granite and marble, but regardless of preference both products are said to provide virtually the same daily clean and streak-free polish.

FYI, it’s best not to use acidic cleansers like bleach or vinegar on natural stone because
over time they will etch the surface, degrading the smooth finish and top coat sealer. Tap water can actually do the same thing just not as drastically; for this reason it should not be left standing on the counter, and is not recommended as a cleaner (distilled water is fine). Enjoy!

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