Don’t Throw Away Your Money!

Recycling not only reduces waste, but can also cut costs. Thanks to the City of Austin’s recent, residential co-mingled recycling program (known here as single stream), along with my family’s commitment to reduce waste; our household was able to go from the standard 60 gallon (grey) trash container down to the smallest option available, the 30 gallon (green..) container. Ever since the city made the upgrade to co-mingling, and supplied us with new 60 gallon recycle containers, we’ve been taking the trash out to the curb every week almost completely empty; which allowed us a cost reduction.

This simple change is going to save us $5.33 per month, adding up to $63.96 per year. See, green doesn’t mean more expensive! In Austin, call 311 to reduce the size of your trash container, free of charge.

-On a side note, we have also completely eliminated the use of trash bags, realizing we really don’t need them. To reduce odor, just sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom of your indoor trash receptacles. After emptying everything to the outside container, simply take a hose with an aerating spray nozzle attachment and clean the inside of the empty receptacle. The oxygenating power of the left over baking soda combined with the jet of water cleans quickly and wonderfully.
This practice will save us an additional $50-70 per year. FYI if you do have to buy trash bags, buy bio-degradable (like Bio-Bag, also made for dog walk waste).

Here is a reminder of what goes in your Single Stream recycling container
(in Austin, TX).

* Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail & office paper
* Aluminum, steel & tin cans
* Glass bottles and jars, all colors
* Rigid plastic (#1 through #7)
* Corrugated cardboard
* Boxboard, such as cereal and soda boxes

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