Health and Luxury in 1 Shower Head!

Want to eliminate the chlorine gas from your shower and improve your skin at the same time? Step into the lap of luxury with the Maia Satinjet Beauty Shower.

This bad boy has massage pivong heads, sleek design, high functionality, and best of all, a replaceable vitamin C filter that handles up on the chlorine present in our municipal water supply. According to the manufacturer, you will literately smell the difference.

Health and beauty does come at a premium however with a price tag of $349, but sometimes it truly pays to be this case with healthier skin and improved indoor air quality. Fortunately you can make up for some of the upfront cost, by using the included flow re-stricter (don’t worry it will still work..thanks to aeration!), potentially saving you up to 50% off your water heating bill. Enjoy!

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