High-Performance Grout Sealer with a Holistic Approach

We are wrapping up a mostly cosmetic remodel of a 1970’s bathroom that will primarily be used by two precious little girls. A portion of the job involved re-tiling a tub surround with some trendy white on white subway tile.

Sealing the grout afterward is a must, so we reached for something that was non-toxic and zero VOC to do the job.

AFM Safecoat Grout Sealer is what we came up with.“Unlike conventional sealers, Safecoat sealers are made without formaldehyde preservatives or toxic mildewcides or fungicides“-quoted directly from the manufacturer. Additionally, Safecoat claims to provide five years of protection with just one coat.

These are the type of holistic/high-performance products we feel good about using in our own homes and on our own jobs, as well as recommending to others. The devil is in the details, do your best to get ’em right!

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