Polished Concrete Floors:Get the Low Down!

If you are into “modern-industrial,” then polished concrete floors just might be the right fit for you!

  • Very healthy in terms of indoor air quality, because they don’t trap dust, or attract small insects.
  • Extremely easy to clean, and next to impossible to damage.
  • Great for people with large dogs.
  • Highly efficient in terms of staying cool in the Texas Summer heat.
  • Look super sleek!
  • Minimal to zero maintenance.
  • Very modeled, and inconsistent aesthetically(in “remodel” scenario only, they are fairly consistent in “new construction” because they are the original flooring).
  • Don’t provide any cushion, and are very cold to walk on.
Price Range is between $5-$9 per Square Foot(excluding demo of previous flooring), and baseboard replacement is usually recommended in conjunction with install.
For my taste, I absolutely love them, though I will say they are definitely not for everyone.
Take a look at the video below to see more for yourself…

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