Product Review:Sansin Enviro Stain- Glacier Clear

I love working with non-toxic stains, but I also love the way oil based products set up and coagulate so evenly. The Sansin Enviro Stain: Glacier Clear (for interiors) is both, because it is a non-toxic water/plant oil based hybrid. 

  • Another great feature of this product, is the fact that it does not Amber in UV light like traditional oil based finishes (something architects seem to love)!! 
  • In terms of application, this product is sprayable, another big plus. 
  • We picked it up locally at Treehouse, and give it a big thumbs up!! See the video below for more details:


Doug Cameron is a Healthy, High-Performance Builder & Remodeler with EcoSafe Spaces, LLC in Austin, TX.

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