Air Purification for HVAC: Guardian REME

The future of indoor Air Purification fits nicely inside your typical HVAC equiptment. It is called the Guardian Air REME.
I used to think standard UV lights were the way to go, but after hearing reports back from my HVAC technicians about gaskets and filters that were getting eaten up by the intensity of the UV light, not to mention some motors getting overheated, I have now changed my stance. 
Now a days my recommendation for combating indoor air pollutants that can build up in HVAC equipment and subsequently your home or workplace, is this Guardian Air REME. 
Cost of install and operation averages about $250 per year, or about 75 cents per day. The technology is an Advanced Oxidising Plasma that has been proven to be completely safe by various testing agencies, and has show numerous abilities to combat sick building syndrome caused by bacteria, mold, particulate, viruses, and VOC’s. 

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