BIMx Viewer for Building Professionals

Technology today is rapidly developing. Within the architectural world, we have what we call BIM. The BIMx Viewer allows builders, clients, consultants, engineers, and even tradesmen to take a step into the building that is being designed. 

The layout of the building is formed in ArchiCAD. It is a modelling software that works in 2D and 3D forms. Architects can create the structure within this software and through BIM cutaways and interior layouts are displayed as in a virtual world. However, you don’t need to have the ArchiCAD program to use BIMx.

Here are a few instructions on using BIMx:

  1. Start by clicking this link to install:
  2. Press the “get Started with BIMx”
  3.  A new window will open allowing you to learn more about all the BIM capabilities. Options are available to download from the App Store or Google Play. Select for your device and install for free.
  4. Upon opening the device for a Windows phone, select OK to allow access, and Accept the Software Agreement.
  5. Download BIMx models to your phone or computer using the “+” button on the top right. The interface is clear and easy to understand.
  6. If you don’t have a model to download, you can test out how to use BIMx with the demo (Demo Hyper-Model) already set up within the app.
  7. Clicking the blue info button give you details about the project such as the architect, the location, and even the client and project status.
  8. When opening the viewer, you might wonder how to view the project without getting lost. Here are a few easy finger commands:
  • one finger allows rotational views
  • spreading two fingers allows for zoom, as on any phone
  • two fingers allow panning in any direction

You can also use the white circle guide at the bottom of the screen. Holding and dragging the circle allows for navigation, but it’s a little slower than just using the finger controls.

The great thing about BIMx is that you can view already downloaded projects without having to use Wi-Fi or mobile data! And there you have it, an easy to use application that allows you to see the project in 3D before it’s even built!

Take a look at BIMx being applied in real life by Doug on the site of our Inglewood Project…

Doug Cameron is a Healthy, High-Performance Builder & Remodeler with ESS Design+Build in Austin, TX

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