Terrazzo Foundation

Terrazzo flooring dates all the way back to the Neolithic period. This method utilizes scrap material mixed with a concrete mixture to create an aggregate textured ground.

In modern days terrazzo typically has glass or stone pieces that have been tumbled to smooth out rough and sharp edges. This beautiful flooring is ecofriendly in the fact that this glass has been recycled from landfills. Mirrors, bottles and other glass products can be found in the mixture of colored glass in the ground. Tumbled terrazzo glass is sold in various sizes by the pound and can be purchased by color or mixed together. This glass can also be used to beautify lawns and prevent slugs from entering your garden.

Typically on afoundation, the terrazzo glass of your choice is combined with a concrete mixture and poured over a preliminary concrete slab. The concrete slab has grooves carved into it to account for any cracks that may occur in the terrazzo. Once the terrazzo and cement mixture is poured it is rolled out and additional glass chips are added and pressed of any air bubbles to achieve the mosaic effect. The floor is then polished twice after curing, leaving a clean reflective beautiful ground. 

In this particular case, we chose to combine the two processes of foundation and terrazzo into one seamless process and creation, allowing very little margin for error. Will we pull it off? Watch and see…

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