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Clean Energy’s New Integral Design by Tesla

Tesla and SolarCity recently released their new conception of the Powerwall, deemed “Powerwall 2” a whole house battery that enables users to seamlessly store and dispense the sun’s abundant radient energy to both their home and vehicles, and do so day or night. More importantly and exciting is the introduction of their solar roof.

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My Notes: AIA Roofing Technology Course “From B to T” Presented by Edis T. Oliver PE

1. Low slope structural concrete roofs require a vapor barrier. Asphalt can act as an adhesive and vapor barrier. 2. Roofers should be certified, trained via roofing course (require certificate certification, and match up certificates to workers). 3. Single insulation layer failure due to insulation shrinking, screws creating thermal bridging, and screws resting just below […]

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Metal vs. Shingle Roofs

Metal roofs go on all of our projects. Check out this video to see why:

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Solar over your head?? Not anymore…here’s a quick and simple breakdown! The current local and federal rebates on Solar are tremendous. A 20K system can be purchased and installed for as little as $2,500 out of pocket(when it’s all said and done). The Austin Energy Rebate will cover up to 15K if you have the […]

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