Solar over your head?? Not anymore…here’s a quick and simple breakdown!
The current local and federal rebates on Solar are tremendous. A 20K system can be purchased and installed for as little as $2,500 out of pocket(when it’s all said and done). The Austin Energy Rebate will cover up to 15K if you have the right roof orientation(one that gets a good amount of sun shine), and the federal rebates, via the Renewable Energy Tax Credit will cover $1800-$2500.


One of my clients just had a PV System installed on a house we built for her and her family last year! Their electrical bills were already super low, but now they will decrease by an estimated 75%. Think about never having to pay over $50 a month on a 2500 square foot house(ALL electric powered, with NO gas or propane). With the price of utilities increasing every year, these particular clients did it right!
Fortunately for them, they qualified for the local utility company rebates, because of the prior planning they did with our in-house designer, Joe Putman of The Bioloom, who did numerous “solar studies”  for the clients during the design phase.
The 3D Renderings done by Bioloom were in the form of a video flyover, that may not be view-able or user friendly on all formats. Take a look, you can see how the sun hits the house above(which is still in the design phase) during different times of the day, as well as during different times of the year. This stuff blew me away the first time I saw it. I included a still image if you can’t view the video(which is normally made to scroll through).
And in terms of installers locally, Longhorn Solar seems to get the highest grade from most of the folks I’ve talked to.  I also included a couple of shots of the handy-work they did on the house we built last year.

Combat global warming, save money, and take advantage of all this great sun we get!

Doug Cameron is a Healthy, High-Performance Builder & Remodeler with EcoSafe Spaces, LLC in Austin, TX.

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