Soap Nuts!

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I just got my new order of sustainably harvested soap nuts in from a company called Nature’s Wash. What are soap nuts you ask? They are actually berries that grow on trees in a region of India (if I remember correctly). The trees are considered trash trees for the most part (I guess they just spring up all over the place or something to that effect), though the locals do understand their virtues and indulge in them regularly from what I hear…to wash things of course.

How do they work, well they are basically coated with natural soap that can be used for a variety of cleaning purposes. I use them (along with vinegar and a non-chlorine oxygen bleach)to wash my clothes. What I love about my clothes that they don’t irritate my skin. And as for smell, there is no smell..perfect right??

I will be doing a video blog soon to show you exactly how we do laundry at my home, but in the mean time if your interested, check out their website:

And if you live in Austin, they are having a launch party this Saturday (Feb. 20) from 6-10 PM at the Big Red Sun. I support these guys and I encourage you to as well…keep it clean, go green!

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