Recycled Leather

Recycled leather..the first time I heard about this stuff was from a friend of mine who told me she heard (second hand information..don’t you love it) that Lance Armstrong has leather floors in his house. Weird I thought. But actually, what a great idea. This innovative product not only looks super cool and high-end, but also creates a “round three” of sorts…for leather from mainly old and unwanted vehicles, but also left over belts from bridal showers and proms..keeping it out of the landfill, and potentially on to your floor!

It comes in 12″ x12″ tiles and 4′ x 5′ sheets. It can be used as wall covering, flooring, or for cladding a desk or we did. Another big plus.. this product received a rating of “excellent” for indoor air quality. Check out their gallery at

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