“Rain-Water Catchment System, Simplified!”

Rain Barrels are simple and easy to install. The barrel itself cost about $150 depending on the size, shape, and color; and can be purchased locally here in Austin at the Natural Gardener (among other places..like the big box stores).

Next, I would recommend you get a stand, which can run you anywhere from $20-$400 depending on how tall and fancy you want to go. On a recent install, we chose to custom make our stand. The stand height was fairly tall (approx. 4′) to produce plenty of natural fall, effectively increasing the pressure of the water-flow. Our stand is great, but I must tell you; a stand can be as simple and inexpensive as stacking a few cinder blocks.

Total one time cost of $170(low-end) – $600(high-end) for a convenient water recycling tool. Rain barrels are definitely a great addition to any backyard garden. Feel free to start your rain-dance anytime:)


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