Through Wall Flashing

Through Wall Flashing (the thin horizontal blue strip on the home pictured above) helps keep water and the pests that come with it..out, and the conditioned air inside of our (by providing and additional air seal to the exterior of our wall system). This tape which is combined with a water based primer and a caulking, seals our concrete foundation to our exterior sheathing (and is later covered up by the house wrap plus the exterior cladding [top portion), and the foundation’s masonry underpinning [bottom portion] ). This dual purpose system combined with other environmentally conscious pest preventatives, help make the practice of applying harsh chemicals unnecessary…keeping dangerous pesticides out of our homes, yards, gardens, water, etc.


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  1. Thanks for the video.One of the more common ways to prevent water from sipping through the walls via its joints would be to extend the flashing through the parapet wall completely.


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