Might Want to Drop Your Doors…

Transitions are sometimes difficult. In this custom home we hope that’s not the case…

Stained concrete is one of the greenest forms of flooring, because no additional flooring is necessary (other than the slab foundation); that’s why it was our natural choice in this application. These super efficient Anderson 100 Series sliding glass doors unfortunately don’t yet come with a low profile threshold “especially made for stained concrete”(similar to an ADA threshold), so we took care of this by slightly recessing our slab (1.5”) in all of our exterior doorways. Later on in the build, we will and add a “low profile” trim piece to the interior portion of the threshold that will tie in with the door casing (which we’ll be sure to post in a future blog).

Doesn’t look like much now…but you’ll see, veeery cool…

-Doug Cameron

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