High End Hemp?

I field a lot of questions about carpet, and personally I’m not a big fan. I prefer hard surface flooring with throw rugs where desired. Hard surfaces are easy to clean and don’t harbor dust mites like traditional carpet (wool carpet-e.g. Nature Carpet being an exception). Hard surface flooring includes: wood, tile, concrete, cork, sheet goods, etc. But what about the throw rugs? There are a few good lower end options out there, but if you want to go straight for the good stuff, then I suggest you check out EcoFiber Custom Rugs . They are completely organic and free of any harsh chemicals or dyes. With hemp and cactus being some of the choice materials used, you might think hippie, right? Far from it..with silk, mohair, and cashmere being a few of the others. Their rugs(as well as carpets) are high end examples of superior quality eco-friendly materials combined with extremely socially conscious manufacturing(fair trade/no child labor). Oh yeah, and they look and feel amazing!!

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