Eating From Your Own Backyard in 7 Easy Steps

One of my new-found loves in life is my garden. With a little help from man’s best friend, I was able to get a super care-free setup going in about one day. Here’s how..


1st- I built a shallow raised bed out of some old cedar fence pickets(its better not to use anything pressure treated if you plan on eating from your garden), leaving one side open to eventually wheelbarrow dirt in through.

2nd- I brought in some new dirt from the Natural Gardener(local to Austin, TX), they call it their Texas Mix, and it is made up of black dirt and compost(super inexpensive).

3rd- I laid down a weed barrier and infilled with my new dirt mix.

4th- made a trip to Home Depot and picked up the the parts for a simple drip irrigation system, the coolest purchase was definitely the battery powered water timer I picked up, it operates the hose valve for you even when you are not around…genius right??

5th- I trenched a path for the hose from the hose-bib to the garden bed.

6th- I ran and connected all the irrigation lines, with each drip emitter evenly spaced (about 2’x 2′ per emitter).

7th- I eagerly made a trip to The Great Outdoors(local to Austin, TX) and picked up a few seeds but mostly baby plants, planting them immediately upon arrival home!!


I ended up with three kinds of basil, blackberry, tomato, two varieties of mint, lavender, three different flowers to attract bees, bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, lime(which I will eventually relocate), eggplant, and spinach. Aren’t you excited now?? Aspiring Zen Masters…plant your very own garden ASAP, you will be so happy you did!!

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