Chemical-Free Termite Prevention

Insect infestations and chemical exposure are both valid concerns we must consider when constructing our homes. Not very long ago, chemicals termite preventives were standard practice. Today’s alternatives are more in line with health and nature. In lieu of chemical termite preventatives, Chemical-free termite prevention can be accomplished using a thin steel mesh (called Termimesh around here). This mesh is strategically wrapped around all the slab penetrations (like drains and waterlines) before the concrete foundation is poured. Immediately after the concrete is poured and has dried, the mesh becomes a permanent barrier to harmful pests and insects, blocking their desired route to a potential food source, your home. Take away the termite entry points before the house is built, and you drastically reduce the chances of termites invading and potentially damaging you home. These photos show Termimesh in action at one of our recent job sites.

Doug Cameron is a Healthy, High-Performance Builder & Remodeler with EcoSafe Spaces, LLC in Austin, TX.

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