3-D Studio:Design 2013

Technology is moving at such a fast rate these days, that our computers become obsolete within a few years. The new one’s are inherently quicker, faster, and able to provide more information. Well, the same thing is happening in the building world. People are more informed than ever about topics such as building science and sustainable design. http://www.ecosafespaces.com/

So in the vein of design, I want to show you how we are working with our clients to visualize their remodels and/or custom homes before they are ever built. The answer is 3-D! Our in house designer , The Bioloom, uses a program called 3-D Max Studio to render dramatically vivid images as well as animated fly-throughs of our clients’ future homes. Below are some examples of a master bath we are working on right now. As the clients commit to particular selections, the resolution of the images can be increased to look almost lifelike. We are still earlier in the process with this one, but take a look at how we get started…






Notice how our clients are able to visualize multiple material selections, colors, and textures before this space is actually constructed. Talk about making decisions easier…

Gotta love technology!

-Doug Cameron

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