Non-Toxic Treated Wood Alternative

While running around at the Austin Green Living Expo this past weekend, I came across a couple of products that particularly caught my interest. One was a wood sealer/stabilizer called Petrify.

Petrify is made from local Texas cedar trees, from which cedar oil is then extracted and combined with silicone. This naturally resistant (to insects, rot, & decay) cedar oil and silicone mixture is then sprayed onto hard/soft wood, plywood, or bamboo to remove all moisture and bring on the early stages of petrification. The manufacturers claim your wood will last a lifetime after only one application.

This product sounds like a great alternative to treated wood (that’s used a lot on outdoor projects). It’s well known that treated wood can contain some pretty harsh chemicals..though the industry is improving.

I haven’t used Petrify yet, but I plan to try it out in the near future, and I will be sure to do a follow up post.

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